Millions of fans fed up with violence after last night’s episode of Game of Thrones



After last night’s Game of Thrones episode, it looks like there’s more unrest and negative social backlash because of what was shown on the television screen. If you guessed violence, you’re correct. In last night’s episode, they showed a fight sequence in a pit where all the men were killing each other. Can you believe that nonsense? Did they even need that scene? The audacity of this show to constantly show violence is mind-boggling. They’ve shown decapitations, stabbings, burning, poisonings, and they even showed a horse getting sacrificed to keep a dying man alive! This is just too much! My virgin eyes were bleeding from the constant horror being depicted from this terrible show!

The Internet had our back because we all felt the same way. Here were some posts from some social media sites that we gathered that showed the outrage against George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones.

I’m a fan of Game of Thrones, but after last night’s episode. I’m going to have to stop watching and boycott the show. I lost all respect for Game of Thrones after it showed men killing each other in a fighting pit. Was that scene even needed. – Arvin Santiago

Why are the men always killing each other? The Hound died trying to do what’s right and what does he get? Left in the dirt to die! Enough is enough. This is some lazy writing. – BobTodd Bobberson

Mah dude got hiz d**k cut off several eps ago and now Queen D gon swing her thang round mekkin more dudes cut each others d**ks off in a ring? Man f**k dis garbage. George Martin can eat mah d**k! –Phil Ming

Thems fightin words!

The treatment of the animals portrayed on the show is terrible as well. I talked about the horse sacrifice earlier, and in addition to that, the first season had The Mountain cutting his horse’s head off because he lost, which is mortifying! Violence against your fellow man is terrible, but to take out your anger on an obviously fake horse prop – what does that teach us? Nothing! It just portrayed horse slaughter!

Ohh the horror!!!!

If you had dragons, would you keep them as pets? I know I wouldn’t. As a mother, Daenerys Targaryen needs to… wait let me re-phrase that… Daenerys Targaryen has a RESPONSIBILITY to nurture her children, then release them into the wild. But no….what does she do? She chains them up and locks them in the basement as her own personal tools of punishment. I was actually happy that her black dragon, Drogon, was able to escape her insane clutches. She might have made him fight in the pit too.

There was a backlash about this whole dragon incident on the web awhile back. Here are some of the messages people posted about:

My heart goes out to the dragons in the basement. #BasementDragons – Jaynesis Ong

Save the #BasementDragons !!! – Irma Trigger

We had sent several messages and emails to George R. R. Martin to tell him to stop writing about incest, violence, sex, and animal cruelty. We wanted him to know how he should be writing the stories instead of using his own twisted ideas. After almost 5 seasons we didn’t receive a response… until today.

Oh what? Are you gonna cry? Go read the Care Bears since you look like a bitch. –George R. R. Martin

WHAT? Oh my.



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