Now THAT’S a cougar! Wonder Woman to be ‘centuries old’ in Batman v Superman?


Looks like DC is trying to make sure their movies have Legends living in them too.

Just as Marvel has Thor, Warner Bros is making their Wonder Woman a sort of demigod. So how old will she be in Batman v Superman? According to the Heroic Hollywood instagram page:

In #BatmanvSuperman, Wonder Woman is old. Very old. How old? In the movie there are pictures of her that date HUNDREDS OF YEARS! 🔥BOOM!

So it appears Wonder Woman will definitely be the oldest of the trinity featured in the DC Cinematic Universe. Will she be hundreds of years old? THOUSANDS? She will be the daughter of Hipolita AND Zeus in these versions, so it’s very possible she’s as old as the Greek Gods themselves!

What do you think? Do you want a Wonder Woman that is thousands of years old? Or doesn’t that matter so long as Zack Snyder gets her right? Sound off in the comments below.

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