Josh Trank denies Matthew Vaughn reshoots for Fantastic Four


So far the whole vibe around Fox’s reboot of The Fantastic Four has not been good and it doesn’t help that rumors keep coming out that there have been problems in production, with the problems seeming to center around director Josh Trank. Rumors have been coming out for a while now that the executives at Fox are not happy with the film or Trank, which is why the studio issued reshoots for the film.

Yesterday, an alleged inside source claimed that the Fantastic Four reshoots were not done by Josh, but by X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn. Fox is pretty high on Vaughn at the moment and it is easy to see why. He is responsible for saving the X-Men franchise and recently achieved success for them again with his most recent film Kingsman: The Secret Service. Maybe they believed Vaughn could salvage what is left of the Fantastic Four?

Shortly after the report was released, Josh Trank posted on his personal Twitter account stating that the reports were not true and that he alone is the sole director of Fantastic Four.

The one thing I find interesting about Josh Trank’s comments is that he says he’s never even met Matthew Vaughn, which I find hard to believe because he is a producer on the film. With so much bad press surrounding the film it is easy to see why fans may be leery of the new Fantastic Four movie.

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