Eon Altar, tabletop video game

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In the search for a new video game title to take up the majority of my time, I switched my personal focus from video games to tabletop games. Trying to think outside the box, I thought “Hey this is 2015, where is the digital integration for tabletop games?”

After a quick google search I came across a game called Eon Altar. A game that takes the style of a turn based, tabletop, D&D game and brings its to a tablet, or smart device for you and your friends to enjoy.


The game began a Kickstarter campaign about two years ago, but failed to reach the success they desired. Fast forward to the present day and not only has development on the game continued, but it has even been green lit on steam. The game has gone through some visual and game design changes since its early stages years ago, but looks to still give the player that real tabletop feeling in the palm of your hands. You choose from pre-made characters and traverse through dungeons fighting monster and completing quests. pretty much your standard RPG elements, It’s the interface and the things the developers can do with it that should set Eon Altar apart from the rest.

Eon Altar control

From managing you characters abilities, to receiving secret missions apart from you group, I’m expecting a deep role playing experience with special bells and whistles integrated with the new interface. A sort of merging of old D&D with new technology. Hopefully Eon Altar will be the new title that becomes king of my time.

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