Chris Pratt’s raptor pack names revealed in new Jurassic World TV spot


One of the most interesting aspects of the new Jurassic Park movie has been Chris Pratt’s raptor bike gang. Many fans have been wondering just how one of the franchise’s most feared creatures became allies to humans in the new film. A new TV spot has just been posted and it reveals the names that Chris Pratt’s character has given to each of the velociraptors.

Their names are Charlie, Echo and Blue. These are the raptors you have probably already seen in previous trailers where Chris Pratt is standing in front of them with his hand out, ordering them to calm down. An interesting thing I noticed is that we already know that there are four main raptors in the film. They appeared in the first trailer and it it clearly visible that there are four raptors jumping out of the gates when Pratt takes off on his motorcycle.

Delta Jurassic World

Now thanks to some images that were released of Jurassic World’s toys earlier this year, the fourth raptor is named Delta. So why isn’t Delta allowed to walk around freely with his other raptor brethren? I also noticed that when Chris introduces the raptors, he says Blue is the Beta and that he is the alpha. Could it be that Delta is really the Alpha and the reason why he or she has to be kept separate is because they feel threatened by Chris’ control over the raptors?

Jurassic World opens June 12th. You can check out the TV spot below.

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