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The folks that brought us the Danbo charger is back with a new charger, Power Plus 3. And just like the Danbo charger, it carries a large charge on a fairly good sized mobile charger.


It came in a simple designed brown box with its company name and product name in the front as well as a charger/USB cable for iPhones; simple and nothing too fancy. When you open up the box you see Japanese sentences, saying something about being light, safe, and at less than 1 Yen. Underneath and to the side of the Cheero charger is a small compartment for the instruction booklet (below) and the cable charger for the Cheero (side).

The item itself is like the box, simple and not too flashy. It has 3 ports: 2 to provide power for your item (5V 2.4A and 5V 1A), and the other is to bring in power to charge the battery itself. On the same side of the ports is the power button. On top of the charger are 4 indicator lights to show how much life it has left and the name of the company.

As you can tell this is a totally different charger than the Danbo charger. Which is understandable since they were going for the characters look as well as being a battery charger.



I was able to put this in full use during a small Yugioh tournament at my local card shop. I went with a couple of friends and since I got bounced early I had to wait for my ride. I thought this would be over fast but 1 hour turned to 2. I still had juice in my phone that I can pass the time streaming movies/shows, and within an hour and a half I got a warning about my lower battery life.

Luckily I was smart enough to charge the Power Plus 3 the night before; in case you’re wondering the booklet says it takes 8 hours to charge. Mine was done over night over 8 hours, but the Cheero Power Plus 3 has an automatic shutdown so it does not get overcharged and waste energy. It also has protection from discharge and overheating.

The Power Plus 3 was able to charge my phone in 45 minutes, and it didn’t even take out a single light from the indicator. After everything was said and done I was at the tournament for nearly 7 hours when the last friend got bounced. And in that time I was able to charge my phone twice and 2 others at least 1 time.



Below are just some specs of the charger itself.

  • Battery- Lithium Ion battery
  • Capacity- DC3.6V 13400mAh (48.24Wh)
  • Dimensions- 3.62″(L) x 3.14″(W) x 0.9″(H)
  • Weight- 8.64 oz
  • Charge time- ~8hours
  • Usage- 500 times
  • Input- DC 5V/2A max
  • Output- USB1: 5V/1A max  USB2: DC 5V/2.4A max
  • Protection: Automatic shutdown at overcharge
    • Overheating shutdown
    • Shutdown after completed charge
    • Over discharge

Final Reaction

This is a great item to charge any device you have, and as you see in the specs it carries a big charge to use for many devices or just one. It can also do 2 simultaneous charge if need be.

Rating: 5/5 Atoms

NR 5 Atoms - A

You can find more info and where to buy here.

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