It looks like Joker will have tattoos in the Suicide Squad movie after all

jared leto joker thumb

Hey remember that one time when it was stated that Jared Leto’s Joker tattoos were a promotional photo for the Joker’s 75th Annirversary? Yeah? Remember that? Yeah, well that was a lie. There were some photos that were leaked from the Suicide Squad film set and it looks like Mr. Leto is sporting the tattoos during filming. Why they said it was only for a promotional photo shoot only to have it show up in the movie is beyond me. Maybe they said that in an attempt to quell the complaints, but found themselves unable to backpedal from their already made decision. Who knows?

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If you take a clear look at the top photo, you can see the Jester tattoo on his chest and the deck of cards at the side of his neck. Of course you can’t overlook the pièce de résistance, which is the “damaged” tattoo at the top of his head. Remember, the Joker has to remind himself and others that he himself is unhinged and is both mentally and emotionally damaged, you know? Because that’s the basis of his character; being damaged. Hence why he has to remind himself. [eye roll]

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Truthfully I’m still going to go and watch this movie, because I’m a fan of the Suicide Squad and I really really really want it to be good. However, I just can’t get over the fact that Jared Leto kind of looks like Macaulay Culkin and Marilyn Manson’s love child gone hipster glam rock. What’s worse is the released pictures of Killer Croc a couple days ago that make him look like the Goombas from the original Mario Bros. movie from the 1990s.

Whatever the case, despite my reservations about some of the costume designs and concepts, I’ll be in the theater with the rest of you. If they do make a sequel to Suicide Squad, I really hope they cast King Shark next time. He’s such an adorable bad guy, how they could pass him over for Killer Croc is beyond me. Suicide Squad releases in 2016.  Stay tuned!

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