Thor co-writer watches Thor Honest Trailer

thor honest trailer

Screen Junkies is known for its Honest Trailers videos, a series that pokes fun of movies and their flaws with narration from the movie trailer voice guy. Now here’s a spin-off called Honest Reactions, where we get to see someone who worked on the actual films watch an Honest Trailer of their film. Check out Zack Stentz, the co-screenwriter for Thor, watch the Thor Honest Trailer.

It seems like Stentz is enjoying it, but that wasn’t always the case. Before this, he was unhappy about the series and said that he would unfollow anyone who shared Honest Trailers links. He admitted that he was writing out of anger, and that he clumped the show with another show that he won’t name. An agreement was made, and everybody’s happy. Yay!

Source: Screen Junkies

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