Free Klassic Reptile Skin released for Mortal Kombat X

mortal kombat x reptile

TOASTY! I guess Neatherrealm studios is not being as stingy with their additive digital content as they have been in the past. They are keeping good on their promises, and just like last month’s free Klassic Sub Zero skin, players can expect to find a fresh new Klassic Reptile included with the latest patch update… sort of.


The new skin is pretty awesome, but it’s not quite as Klassic as you might think. As many of you may know, Reptile was originally just a pallete swap character that was green instead of blue or yellow. He had skin like a human until Mortal Kombat 4, where he traded his generic MK ninja garb for some green scales. The new Reptile MKX Klassic skin keeps the scales and basic character model from his standard costume, but puts him back in his original threads.

The costume looks pretty slick and for the unbeatable price of free there is not much to complain about! Hopefully this trend will continue and we will get more Klassic skins with patch updates.

Klassic Mileena and Kitana are available via the Mortal Kombat X mobile app, so it’s hopefully only a matter of time before we can get a Klassic Scorpion, Raiden, or Liu Kang.

Many have criticized Mortal Kombat X, myself included, for things like being able to purchase the entire Krypt for $20, or the fact that people can purchase ‘Easy Fatalities’ because the Internet is hard. This is a case of NeatherRealm legitimately trying to come out as the good guy, but is it nearly enough? Here is to hoping..

What’s best about the Klassic costumes is that it’s much easier to pretend that you’re playing an older version of MK when the franchise was actually good! BURN!

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