Blizzard releases new 8-minute Overwatch video: Zenyatta

Overwatch Poster

While there’s still no exact date on the Overwatch beta other than “This Fall” aka “Soon”, Blizzard has just released the first of what we’re told to be a weekly series of more 8-minute long gameplay videos featuring the characters of their upcoming blockbuster FPS.

First impressions of this game from BlizzCon 2014 were absolutely positive all around. Overwatch is the love child of something between League of Legends and Team Fortress, with endless possibilities and absolutely beautiful design.

Check out our first impressions article for more info, and sign up for the beta ASAP.

In the heart of England’s King’s Row, enjoy this Payload match including the newly announced character, Zarya.

This video features the omnic monk Zenyatta, a support-type character with some crazy AOE abilities to both buff his team, and eliminate enemies through tranquility. It’s being captured at what seems like 60 fps on a Windows-based system. We’re eager to see more of what’s in stock this year at BlizzCon.

As it’s Overwatch’s first real (beta) release year, it could really be one to remember. For more information and beta signups visit blizzard’s full game site, and don’t forget that you’ll need an account to put your name down for the much anticipated first few matches this “Fall”.


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