First look at Bucky on set of Captain America: Civil War


Earlier last week, Marvel broke the news that production had begun on Captain America: Civil War. The film is set to feature many of the big stars and maybe the most ambitious Marvel movie to date. Recently new photos have popped up online from the film’s set in Atlanta, Georgia.

Marvel has setup what appears to be a shanty town. Ulysses Claw was introduced in the last film and Black Panther will be brought into the MCU with Civil War. This a good indication that the film is heading back to South Africa and we might finally get to see a first glimpse at Wakanda.

Captain America: Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan has also posted a photo on set. From what it appears, Bucky looks very similar to the inconspicuous clothes he wore in the end credits scene in Winter Soldier. Bucky’s story may pick up where he last left off in the last Cap film when he visited the Smithsonian Museum.

bucky in civil war

Expect to see more set photos from Captain America: Civil War in the upcoming weeks

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

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