Return to Wally World in ‘Vacation’ red band trailer


National Lampoon’s Vacation originally released way back in 1983, and it chronicled the Griswolds’ family trip to the Wally World theme park. The biggest draw for audiences was the identifying notion every family goes through on a road trip. The comedic gold that came from that film launched many others in years to come.

Fast forward 32 years, and we see Clark (Chevy Chase) and Ellen’s (Beverly D’Angelo) son Rusty (Ed Helms) take up the mantle in wanting to recreate that memorable family journey with his own wife (Christina Applegate) and kids. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues beyond comprehension. Upon a long list of cameos, Chris Hemsworth is probably the biggest standout. And by standout, I mean Thor’s “hammer.” Watch the trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m definitely looking forward to this as it seems to be just as funny, if not more, than the original film. I love a lot of the throwback jokes and scenes that they’ve recreated from the original as well. So far though, my favorite lines are: “I’ve never even heard of the original vacation.” “Doesn’t matter. The new vacation will stand on its own.” Which that it will.

Vacation hits theaters on July 29th.

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