Epic Age of Ultron cosplay by Hero Complex Props


3Dprint.com has a rather interesting story involving one nasty bad guy. The guys over at Hero Complex Studios have created a rather sinister cosplay mask in the form of Ultron from this year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. But it isn’t some latex mask or rubber…it is a 3D-printed version, complete with glowing eyes! How awesome is that! Here’s an excerpt:

It turns out, Ultron is the super villain against whom the Avengers have been fighting. Only, he’s not a person, he’s a robot, but his dad is a person, and there isn’t just one of him. Or maybe there is. The end results being that people who like, or admiringly hate him seem to get a glow in their eyes whenever I ask about him, which was particularly appropriate given that the 3D printed mask has two LED lights that make the eyes actually glow.

He then goes into detail about how he came across the luck of being able to see a part of the creation process:

In that sense, it seems that the comic book and cosplay community are somewhat open source, a perfect fit for the culture of 3D printing. The ability of 3D prints to create fantastic geometries and integrate mechanical and computerized components make it an ideal playground for bringing the fantastical appearance of these characters out of the pages of the comic and into life.

Ah, the life of a reporter. Want to check out the rest of the story? You can follow this link here. Any comments? Blast em down below and let us know what ideas YOU have for 3D-printed cosplay!


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