NBC ditches Constantine, Stephen Amell offers aid

Constantine - New Set of Cast Promotional Photos

Fans are sad that NBC decided to pass on a second season of Constantine, the series based on the DC Vertigo comics about John Constantine, the master of the dark arts and exorcist.

There is still some hope. Warner Bros. will be seeing if another network is interested in picking up the show, according to executive producer Daniel Cerone. The news was revealed via his Twitter.

It’s not surprising to hear that NBC has decided to give the show the ax, since the viewership wasn’t as big as the network would like. However, there is a fanbase out there that wants the show saved.

Now there’s a hashtag to help save the show (#SaveConstantine), and Arrow star Stephen Amell has come to offer his help. He said that he’ll guest star as Oliver Queen in the new season if a network picks it up. Is that a good enough incentive?

“Cant wait. Constantine & Queen want to get sh*t done. Let’s make it happen,” said Amell.

Would you like to see the Arrow appear in Constantine if we do get a second season?

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