Videogame BANG! Episode 82: Mortal Kombat X on Trial

videogame bang mortal kombat

The VGB is here with a debate filled episode as we take in the review of Mortal Kombat X and find out if it should rise to the top of the fighting pyramid, or fall victim to a brutal fatality.

Cory, Sir Aaron Carter, Jada, and The Real David Webb are all on giving you the latest in gaming news and the little morsels of news known as the bang bites. The VGB is also here to go over the comic world and the latest happenings in Marvel and its less popular competitor DC.

Can Jada defend her 4 out of 5 rating of MKX? Will Cory’s smite down the review and convert all those believers? Sit back and find out on this week’s episode of the VideoGame Bang

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