Wave eBike, the 28 MPH electric bike

Wave bike2

Wave eBike is billing itself as the world’s most affordable electric bike according to the Indiegogo page. And just by going off its contribution prices, its the cheapest ebike I have seen. As a person who bikes to work daily or at least when the weather is compliant, this is a very interesting deal at that price.

And the specs on the bike is very promising:

The Specs – The Basics

Style: Cruiser
Transmission: Single-Speed
Brakes: V
Seat: Under Springs + Quick Release Height Adjustment
Lighting: Front LED Lights / Rear Reflector
Fenders: Front & Rear
Kickstand: Center
Warranty: 1 Year All Parts

The Specs – Frame

Frame: Steel Beach Cruiser Frame
Handlebar: Black Painted Alloy Cruiser
Fork: Steel

The Specs – Wheels

Wheels: 26″ x 2.10″ Beach Cruiser Rims with Metallic Spokes
Tires: 26″ x 2.10″ (32 PSI)
Tubes: 26″ x 2.10″ 48mm Valve

The Specs – Performance

Motor: 48-Volt 750-Watts
Battery: 48-Volt 12Ah with Samsung Cells
Top Speed
(Pedal Assist):
30 mph
Top Speed
(Fully Electric):
28 mph
52+ miles
(Fully Electric):
26 miles
Throttle Type: 3-Level Cadence Sensor With Pedal Assist

I love the beach cruiser look to it, since it looks to feel easy going and relaxing while going at 28 miles per hour. Just imagine cruising down the beach and you’re feeling a bit tired. You turn on the motor and just cruise the rest of the way. The best thing is that you won’t have to worry about running out of juice since it will do 52+ miles.

So if you’re in for a new bike and were interested in buying an electric bike, this may be the best way to go. It really is the cheapest priced ebike available currently, and it does give you an assortment of colors to choose from, not just the color shown above.

Here’s a list of the features:

  • Powerful Hub Motor: Powered by a 48- volt 750-watt hub motor ensuring no maintenance, no issues, the ability to propel up to 28 mph, and unique hill climbing ability.
  • Long Lasting Battery: Featuring a 12-Amp hour (Ah) battery, Wave eBike offers 50% higher riding time compared to most other eBikes. Wave eBike offers a range of 56 miles for a single charge with pedal assist.
  • 100% Street Legal (except in NYC): Riders can cruise freely regardless of their area of residence.
  • Fully-Electric/Pedal/Hybrid: Users can relax with the twist of the throttle, pedal on their own like a classic bicycle, or go for a hybrid mode.
  • All Purpose: With cross functional capabilities, Wave eBike allows bikers to ride through the city, along the beach, or anywhere else.
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