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By Michael Ramey

The announcement came just recently that the next spin-off series in the DC Comics/CW partnership will be called Legends of Tomorrow. The show will feature characters from both Arrow and The Flash (Captain Cold, Dr, Martin Stein, Heat Wave, Sara Lance, Hawkgirl and more) with the premiere date set for January 2016. The concept sounds alright, but I wanted to take a look at some of the other possible spin-off shows we would have loved to see.


The Green Lantern (John Diggle)

Fans went insane when in one of the recent Flash episodes, Barry Allen uses his power to streak off and get pizza from Coast City. Coast City is the home of The Green Lantern and as fans of the show know, writers love to leave Easter eggs throughout the series. This could indicate that we will see an appearance of The Green Lantern in the future or the writers just love feeding into the fan frenzy.

Conspiracy theories have swirled that Arrow’s sidekick partner John Diggle could indeed be The Green Lantern. In the first Arrow/The Flash crossover episodes we see Diggle have his fries knocked all over him as he sees Barry Allen as The Flash for the first time, but what was in front of him is what got conspiracy theorist talking. Sitting in front of Diggle is a lantern. Could this be foreshadowing or just another attempt at writers to create hype? Either way it is something we would all love to see.

Chase The DJ

Everyone’s favorite DJ, Chase! When we first saw him appear on Arrow, everyone was thinking the same thing. We need to see more of this guy and a little bit more backstory…

Alright you got me, we all hated him and we’re glad he is dead, let’s move on.

The Suicide Squad

There may be a movie currently in production, but Arrow has already touched on The Suicide Squad and we loved it! Episodes of the series have been dedicated to the Squad with John Diggle and his wife ex-wife turned wife again Lyla. Lyla Diggle alone would be an interesting enough spin-off but add in a cast of over-the-top characters/villains going on missions and kicking ass week to week and you have the makings of a hit show.

Unfortunately everyone’s favorite one-eyed sniper Dead Shot met his demise in the series, but that doesn’t mean they can’t bring him back. (Lazarus Pit? Penicillin Tea?) We all miss his dry sense twisted sense of humor. Plus the addition of new characters the writers imagination could run wild with this show.

Speaking of the Diggles, whatever happened to John’s sister-in-law Carly?

Arsenal (Roy Harper)

Does anyone really believe that Roy is gone? I’m willing to bet we will see him return on this year’s Arrow finale, but that didn’t stop people debating whether or not Arsenal should have his own spin-off. At first I thought it was a ridiculous idea, another Arrow show but with a Red Hood. The more I got to thinking about it, the better it sounded.

Roy left Starling City to start a new life, but it would only be a matter of time until he saw injustice and suited back up. It’s in his nature to put a stop to someone he sees doing wrong, walking away is not an option. Throw in his sidekick Sin and Arsenal begins to sound more and more interesting. We would only hope the entire series doesn’t have Roy trying to deal with the fact he killed a police officer while under the influence of Mirakuru.

The Atom (Ray Palmer)

The awkwardness and intelligence of Felicity mixed with the engineering and charisma of Tony Stark and you have The Atom Ray Palmer. After Ray’s fiancée Anna was killed by Slade Wilson’s Mirakuru soldiers, he made a promise to save the city and avenge her death. Although promises do get broken since he also promised he would never kiss another woman ever again… How’d that work out for you, Ray? *Cough cough* Felicity Slept with Oliver *Cough Cough*.

Surround him with a supporting cast of characters and he will be ready to fight crime. If not Starling City, I’m sure Ray could bring his talents to some other city and set up shop. Not too far though, we would need him to pop up from time to time in Arrow and The Flash to save the day with a dorky one liner.

Maseo Yamashiro & Tatsu Tamashiro

The flashbacks on Arrow of the island Oliver Queen was stranded on was about as entertaining as flashbacks get. I’ve never been a fan of long dragged out flashbacks in shows, but with Oliver, Shado and Slade, I couldn’t get enough. When that story arc came to an end and Maseo Yamshiro appeared in a flashback, I rolled my eyes a bit, but as it turns out, he alongside his wife Tatsu are just as great as Shado and Slade.

Maseo has been itching to get out of The League of Assassins ever since we first saw him again in the present day. It was upsetting to find out that his son was missing and Tatsu could no longer be with him. Something big is clearly coming with the finale and if it sees Maseo able rid himself from the League’s clutches, he can return to Tatsu and start a new life. Like everyone though, their past will catch up to them and it is back to kicking ass and I don’t know about you, but I want to be there to witness that.

Slade Wilson

Slade as you should know now is Deathstroke and we’ve seen a lot of his backstory already in Arrow. I’m not suggesting we catch up on the exciting adventure of Slade in prison on the island. (By the way, who is feeding him?) Manu Bennett, who plays Slade, has brought a whole new depth to the character; anytime he comes on screen I get goosebumps and in my opinion he is by far the best villain of both Arrow and The Flash. (Sorry Captain Cold & Heat Wave.)

In the flashback we learn about Slade having a partner. Well I would love to have some more insight into that partnership. We never see his face as it is covered with the same Deathstroke mask that Slade wears. I want a show starting from the beginning of their partnership to their landing on the island. What is better than one Deathstroke? Two!

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