Videogame BANG! Episode 81: Colin Cowherd Hates E-sports

videogame bang

What’s Up, Pizza’?! Happy Avengers Day! We know you are probably listening to this show while you are waiting in line to get your seats to see Age of Ultron so we are going to hit you in the face with podcast comedy gold and a brand new game we introduce this week that has been sweeping the nation: Videogame BANG! BRANG BRANG (Name Subject to Change).

We have the real David Webb and Steven ‘the gootz’ Gutierrez on the show; joining the Toejam and Earl of video game podcasts: Cory Vincent and Aaron Carter. We are of course talking Marvel this week and getting ready for Avengers Age of Ultron. We are also talking about the fallout from Heroes of the Dorm on ESPN 2. Outspoken analyst for ESPN Colin Cowherd had some choice words for the gaming community, so VGB takes it upon ourselves to fire back! Also on the show we talk about Spider-Man, Killer Instinct, Five Nights and Freddies, and we once again pay tribute to our patrons!

All that and much much more on this week’s… Videogame BANG!

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