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Headphones are kind of a big deal for music lovers and sound geeks. We have the headphones we take to the gym, our headphones we take on the plane, the headphones we use to play video games, the ones we use in the studio, and each application is held to different standards. Aesthetics, comfort, technical specifications, price and frequency response all must be considered when deeming a pair of phones good or bad. In this review we are tackling all of these points for the VOXOA HD Wireless Headphones.

My initial response when a friend of mine told me about his Bluetooth VOXOA wireless headphones was WHO?!?! I’ve had the pleasure of listening to a wide variety of headphones from many different manufacturers, but never this company. With a seemingly shallow pool of headphone products available on Amazon, and only advertising just the one pair of “HD Wireless Headphones”, which I cannot find an official name or model number for, my expectations were not the highest. So I took these headphones out for a spin, stole them from my friend for a few days and let the review begin. Here is what I’ve found…

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The absolute first thing that you will notice about these headphones is that they are quite beautiful. The design is extremely modern, pretty minimalist by the standards set by many of the “Hey look at me” style headphones on the market today. The black pair of phones that I had to play with are mostly a matte finish which was perfect for disguising those hideous fingerprints that glossy headphones accentuate. The only words visible are the brand name VOXOA and the letters nfc, which we will cover later. The power button is beautifully incorporated into the design of the headphone and there are a total of four small round buttons that are also well worked into the aesthetic. The buttons not only allow for volume up and down, but also track skipping. If nothing else these headphones are among the most attractive wireless headphones not only at the under $100 price point but well beyond.

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Beauty only being skin deep, we move on to the comfort judgment. Not wanting to allow just my personal preference affect this area of the review, I actively shopped these headphones around my place of employment, gathering opinions. The consensus was that while better looking than another pair of similar headphones I had for comparison, the VOXOAs were not as comfortable as they look. The fit is overall pretty loose on the head, and that’s coming from a person with a very fat head. Using the very scientific headshake test the phones did wiggle quite a bit. There is also a pretty exaggerated amount of padding where the headphones rest on the crown of your head, which I didn’t mind, but a few of the ladies I had test them out noticed. The padding of the earpieces are cushioned nicely, a little thin for my taste, but the lack of head squeeze made it bearable. I wore these headphones at work for a full eight hour day, wearing my glasses and felt no ill-effects. While there is a definite margin of improvement that can be made in the comfort department, these are in no way ‘uncomfortable’.


While these headphones are gorgeous looking and even quite comfortable for extended periods of time, it all means nothing if the specs and sound quality aren’t up to snuff…

Sound and Features

The VOXOA headphones are loaded with a grip of features that put them in the luxury headphone category. Not practical for gym use and not sturdy or level enough for studio use, it leaves these headphones in the grey area occupied by travel headphones, or work headphones. One thing that I loved about these phones that cater to travel and work is the privacy factor. There was very little bleed out of sound. I had to get uncomfortably close to people in order to try and hear what they were listening to. They also feature a pretty good internal microphone for taking phone calls, which adds even more functionality.

The VOXAs also have a great battery life of about 16 hours, and as mentioned before are wireless via Bluetooth 4.0. The range tested well in a room littered with all kinds of different radio frequencies, outperforming my Soul SV3’s in terms of range. One unnecessary feature that I found a bit gimmicky was the incorporation of nfc pairing (AKA Bump Pairing). While it’s cool to show off in front of your friends, it just didn’t feel practical.

The particulars of sound quality are open to interpretation. Trying to be unbiased first I will just tell you what I experienced. The VOXA HD Wireless headphones are amazing in the higher frequencies and in separating sound. The sound in the highs are crystal clear and left un-muddled by the mids and lows. The negative was that the bass response was pretty underwhelming. I found that in rap music with hard hitting bass instead of getting that head rattling bass that I personally enjoy, we are given some thin more implied bass sound. My opinion is that these headphones shine if you listen to talk podcasts, classical, or jazz music. Instruments could easily be identified in anything with layers upon layers of precision mixing. The headphones that I prefer are ‘warmer’ sounding with enhanced bass, even at the expense of a little clarity in the high end. In all these are a very solid pair of headphones. Though not my particular cup of audio tea, these are in no way bad sounding headphones, but they are nowhere near top of the line either.


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Final Reaction

It’s always exciting to see smaller companies deliver solid competition to the big boys. These headphones deliver solid quality in each category, excelling in both its elegant design and multitude of functionality, but wavering a little in their comfort and response to lower frequencies. So in all areas besides the sexy minimalist design, the headphones are not terrible, but also not phenomenal. For the price point, they are about what I would expect. I’m not overwhelmed by the VOXOA HD wireless headphones in the “under $200” category, and at their current price of $90, I don’t see these as ‘drop everything and buy these’ either. This is a good set of headphones, with reasonable features and quality, at a legitimately fair price.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B(1)

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