What Microsoft announced on Day 2 of Build 2015

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Day 2 of the Microsoft Build Developer Conference has officially come to a close. Today’s keynote was a little more technical than yesterday’s and not as announcement filled. Here is a look at everything Microsoft announced today.

Windows 10 Comes to Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Yesterday Microsoft teased this announcement by using a HoloLens on a robot built with a Raspberry Pi. However, today they went even further by officially announcing it and demoing Windows 10 on both the Arduino and Raspberry Pi by creating an “Internet of Things”. For example, giving remote control ability to an Arduino device or building a security camera.

Developer Tools

Microsoft also announced a slew of new developer tools that include Vorlon, a framework to help you remotely debug Javascript; Project Oxford, a set of APIs for processing face, vision and speech; and GitHub Enterprise for Azure. This seems like it is Microsoft’s way of really making it as easy as possible and also more desirable to develop and program for Windows 10. It will be interesting to see how developers utilize Project Oxford in their apps.


To show off their programming abilities and the possibilities of Azure, Microsoft built and demoed a website that will guess your age and gender based on photos. The accuracy seems like it is hit and miss with some reportedly getting ages 20 years older than they are and others in the ballpark of their age. When I tried it my results were 6 years older than I actually am.

Microsoft Reactor Space Coming San Francisco and a New Build Tour

We also learned that Microsoft will be building a Reactor Space in San Francisco for developers to meet up, share ideas, and attend hackfests. Microsoft also announced a new Build tour that will bring the developement conference to 26 cities across the country. Actual tour dates have not been announced.

Although this keynote may not have been as exciting or flashy as yesterday’s, we got to learn a bit more about what Microsoft is planning on the development end. It seems like they are really pushing to make it as easy as possible for developers to program for Windows 10 with a wealth of tools at their fingertips.

Do you think Microsoft will be successful in winning developers and programmers over? Keep the conversation going in the comments below.

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