Joss Whedon fought for Daredevil to be a movie and not a show

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Marvel’s Daredevil series was quite well received by fans and Netflix users alike. Many of them are already anxiously awaiting for the just recently announced season two. During a recent interview, Avengers director Joss Whedon revealed that he originally fought with Marvel on making a Daredevil a movie rather than a series.

“I fought for Daredevil to be a film instead of a TV show. Then under the auspices of Drew Goddard and Steve DeKnight… I’m dying to see the show but they released it just as I started the press tour! If the show’s working, the show’s working. Comic books are serialized entertainment and a lot of them lend themselves to TV shows as much or more than they do to movies.

I like him because he’s basically Marvel’s Batman, thanks to Frank Miller basically. So for me I didn’t think they’d be able to sustain that sort of mood on TV but TV has changed so much. It’s come up so much that I think it might just be the right place.”

Even Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox, said in a recent interview that he would be interested in doing a solo movie for Daredevil.

“Yeah that would be awesome – I’d love to do that. I love doing the TV show and I love that we have so much more time to explore the origin story and real deal with character and inner conflict, and spend a lot of time brooding in that world and those feelings, which is unusual for a superhero.

And usually when you’ve got a two-hour movie it’s action-packed, and so I think that’s one of the things that the show has really benefitted from – having that extra time to really get to know and sit with these characters and see them as humans. But I’d love to see Daredevil on the big screen again. It would be great. And if I could be involved with that I’d be thrilled.”

There have been rumors that Daredevil and the Defenders may make an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War. Other than that Marvel has no current plans to make a Daredevil movie anytime soon.

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Source: IGN

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