Ben Affleck as Batman to be in Suicide Squad movie?

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Etalk has tweeted a photo of what appears to be Ben Affleck in what looks to be the Batsuit on the set of the Suicide Squad movie. You can see that the top of his head seems to have the cowl. In another photo of his lower body, it also seems to be of him as Batman.

With rumors circulating about how the DC universe connects, it all seems to be more and more accurate as we have just learned yesterday that IMDB has credits for Jason Todd in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It would make sense that Joker is part of the Suicide Squad, as well as Harley Quinn, due to him murdering Jason Todd aka Robin, who would have a cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in a flashback of some sort. This could then lead to a Batman Under the Red Hood-type film.

As all the dots seem to connect more and more, there shouldn’t be people saying that DC doesn’t know what they are doing. It’s more that they don’t want to give it away and let people know what they have in store for us. If it keeps moving the way it does, then all comic book and Batman fans are in for a special treat.


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