Dragon Ball returns and we have questions

Dragon Ball

Did Battle of Gods quench your DBZ thirst? Will Resurrection F feed the hunger of battle for you? If not, have no fear, because it was recently revealed that Dragon Ball is coming right back to our small screens this summer… in Japan anyway.

When “Dragonball Chou” hits, there’s going to be a lot of hype and speculation as to what the story will be. Since we already know it takes place after the latest movies, our first question will be, “Will it pick up after Ressurection F? Will Beerus still be a relevant character in the new series?” He has become a bit of a fan favorite since his debut in Battle of Gods. It would be a shame to sweep him to the side (as well as Whis, his loyal servant). We know some other big bad will appear to give the Z Fighters some trouble. How will Beerus react? Will he join the team much like Piccolo did in the beginning of Z? There’s so much more we want to know!

What about Uub? Will he finally be utilized properly? Sure, he was pretty tough in GT, but since that series is now considered “defunct” by the coming of the new movies and this new series, we’ll have to start from scratch all over again. So what will we get? We all know Goku wished for Buu to come back as a good person and he did. Will there be some pretty awesome team ups here? I’d love it if Mr. Buu had more of a mainstay in the new series. I think he would make for an incredible third stooge when teaming up with Trunks and Goten. Heck! They could even do a new form of Fusion where Gotenks fuses with Mr. Buu to get a Super Gotenks Buu! What, too much?

What other dastardly villains will try and collect the Dragon Balls for their own sinister purposes? Will we watch Pan grow up, much like Gohan in Z? Will we actually see Trunks grow up into a super cool warrior like his future alter ego? Can Gohan actually become more powerful than his own father? There are so many questions rising from this incredible announcement that it will probably go unanswered well into the first season.

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below.

Dragon Ball Super premieres in Japan this July.

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