Salem: 02×04 ‘Book of Shadows’ review


Quick Recap

Mary is traumatized by the witch that attacked her and demands to know who it is. Tituba tells her to focus on Anne Hale first. She summons Anne to her quarters and gives her a journal for her to write her secrets in. It is called her Book of Shadows and it is written in blood. Anne begins to write in it and meets her familiar – a rat named Brown Jenkins. She vows to do no harm to anyone.

Meanwhile, John Alden takes Corwin’s corpse and hangs it in the prison cell. When Corwin’s body is found, Mary uses this to her advantage and blames Hawthorne for the crime happening. Wainwright takes the corpse to examine. Needing Corwin’s fingers to determine the killer, Mary distracts Wainwright while Tituba takes Corwin’s fingers. They do a spell and find that the killer is in Knocker’s Alley. John realizes the witches are coming for him and puts on Petrus’ necklace that helps hides him from witches. Mary and Tituba cannot find him and John collapses from the power of the necklace. Mary feels the other witch’s energy from the well and uses Anne to break the spell at the well.

As for Cotton, he finally meets Wainwright who is annoyed with Cotton’s idea of witches. This is going to be interesting.

Isaac has been kidnapped by Mercy and she tortures him to work for her. She even beats Dolly into submission when Dolly begs Mercy to leave Isaac alone.

In the end, Mary finds out through Anne’s book of shadows that she is dealing with a Countess Marburg, John Alden appears to Cotton, and Mary ends up getting some from Wainwright.




It seems like Mary has control of every situation, except the Countess Marburg problem. She knows how to control and manipulate people – Anne, Hawthrone, Isaac, and Wainwright. But, with the recent episode with another witch hunting them, Mary is turning everything up a notch – including controlling poor Anne.

She is also using her sexuality and power to handle Wainwright and he’s totally buying it. I have a feeling Mary just has a sexual relationship with Wainwright and that’s it. She doesn’t seem emotionally into the guy, just sexually. They don’t even really kiss and just do a lot of touching and… other kinds of coitus. I don’t blame her. She is in a fruitless marriage, her son doesn’t live with her, and the love of her life “is dead”. She needs the rebound. Girl needs to get laid. Is it me, or does their relationship remind you of 50 Shades of Grey? The whole time they were flirting and being sexual with one another just made me think “50 Shades of Salem”.


Anne has become a witch apprentice who is slowly learning the tricks and trade of being a witch from Mary Sibley. I feel so bad for her. She is really not getting any breaks. I didn’t realize Brown Jenkins was an homage to HP Lovecraft until my friend reminded me of the story, ‘The Dreams in the Witch House‘. I highly doubt Anne will end up like Keziah in the story, but it makes you think about what the writers have cooking up their sleeve.


So, I’ve been watching this show and a lot of horror shows for years. I’ve seen lots of deaths, blood, spells, torture, and so many appalling things. But, tonight… the death of a kitten traumatized me. It really affected me. I understand that the show is supposed to do that to you, but that really hurt. It’s great that the show did shock me, but damn. I’m really traumatized and I don’t even have a cat. What did you do to me, Salem?!


It’s disheartening to know that Alden is no longer human and just a killing machine. Every time we see him, he seems to be hurting someone or killing someone. I really hope they give him a better story and actual lines to show he isn’t just a brute. Shane West is more than just those angry eyes.


Oh, it’s on between Cotton and Wainwright. Theology vs. Science! Who will win in this witch-filled world?! My best is on Cotton. Probably, because this show is all about witches. I think these two will be going head to head against each other this season because of how different they are from each other. Science and religion need to clash and will! I can’t wait to see this war.


Mercy is just going crazy. She is just really bent on revenge. There really isn’t much to say until she shows us what she is doing to Isaac and what she is going to use him for.


Next week has Mary finally meeting Countess Marburg and it looks intense. We will also see Anne interacting with Little John and he’s being a creepy little boy. I cannot wait. Actually, I can. It’s going to take me a little bit to get over that kitten.

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