Naruto’s Kakashi finally reveals his face?


With Naruto finally ending in the manga, I thought they would at least show fans Kakashi’s face. Well it seems like those that went to the Naruto exhibit, which opened a couple days ago, got the special edition book and got a surprise when they read through it. Many have already started to post on reddit and other social media outlets.

So are you interested on how Kakashi looks under that mask? Without further ado here he is:


Looks as normal as one could expect. The only thing I didn’t expect to see was a mole; other than that it’s as normal as one can get. And from what it looks like, he likes to cosplay a bit. He disguised himself as a photographer wanting to capture Kakashi unmasked and joined Team 7 to do so. It seems Kakashi still likes to play tricks on his Team 7.

Here is a link is what looks to be shots of the entire book.

Source: Reddit

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