Joss Whedon reiterates his desire to direct a DC movie

Alright, so Marvel and DC don’t often mix; that’s clear. But, they could have a common bond in the near future in the form of Joss Whedon. Having heard Whedon tell many people while promoting Avengers: Age of Ultron that it will be his last Marvel movie for the foreseeable future, IGN asked if he’d consider defecting to the other side.

Whedon responded, “Sure. I’d be like ‘I have all these joke ideas.’ And they’d be like ‘No, we don’t do that here.’ I desperately wanted to do a Batman film – who doesn’t? And I wanted to do Wonder Woman. I was a Marvel kid growing up, but I was always DC-curious. And I see myself on the spectrum in between.” Whedon recently mentioned this in his MTV interview.

Of course, Whedon didn’t just have an interest in doing a Wonder Woman movie, he was actually working on one. This occurred circa 2005, but the film ended up in development hell. It happens. IGN also asked Whedon how he felt about other people bringing a character he loves so much to the big screen, referring to her upcoming appearances in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and a 2017 stand-alone movie.

“I don’t care who she’s seeing now” he replied, feigning grief. “We don’t talk much. And I wish her well.” He continued on a more serious note by adding, “I worked really hard on that movie and it meant a lot, but I don’t know if what I was trying to do would fit in with what their vision is. I’m excited to see it so I just want them to make it so I can see it!”

And, yes, Whedon did do the Marvel movies, but I have a feeling DC fans won’t be protest his involvement in a film project.

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