FilmCow releases cartoon on why Jared Leto’s Joker got his tattoos

jared leto joker thumb

The Suicide Squad movie by Warner Bros and DC Entertainment isn’t going to be released until next year; however, at the moment it’s gaining a lot of mixed reactions from the DC fanbase. I’ve never seen this much infighting within the DC community since Heath Ledger’s Joker was announced. The responses have escalated to memes that exploded and engulfed the Internet the moment David Ayer posted the pic of Jared Leto dressed as the “Clown Prince of Crime”. A lot of the outrage seems to be directed at the many liberties taken to adding tattoos to the Joker’s body that some fans feel don’t need to be there. You can sound off your reaction to it on our previous article about it here.

The folks over at  FilmCow didn’t hesitate to join in on the action as well. If you don’t recognize their name, they’re the team who are known for creating the YouTube hit Charlie the Unicorn and Professor Toothy. In this short cartoon spoof, they show the “before he got the tattoos” situation where the Joker is explaining to the tattoo artist on why he needs the tats themselves. The tattoos artist’s reactions to the Joker’s requests are pretty hilarious. Take a look at the video below. 🙂

Source: FilmCow

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