Daniel Radcliffe will star in GTA drama show for the BBC

Sam-Houser-RockstarVery few could argue that the Grand Theft Auto franchise has changed the way we see violence in video games. Each game has had some sort of controversy as well as some great successes. The current Grand Theft Auto, GTA V, has earned well over $1 billion since it was released. This huge success accounts for the large fanbase and the availablity on multiple platforms. Gamers loved the open world and having the ability to do practically anything in the game, including killing gangsters and cops, and becoming filthy rich by playing the stock market. Worried parents and lawmakers have battled to keep the game off the hands of kids, but have only fueled the flames of the franchise’s success.

Now the BBC is developing a new show under the working title Game Changer, which will follow all the controversy and success of the video game company. The show will center around Rockstar Games co-founder Sam Houser (Daniel Radcliffe) and Jack Thompson (Bill Paxton), a former attorney that famously campaigned against the video game franchise.

But what do you think about this coming show? Will you watch it just because you love the games? Will you watch it to see if Daniel Radcliffe will go GTA on someone?

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

Source: BBC

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