Joss Whedon talks about Marvel vs. DC and wanting to direct this DC character

avengers age of ultron joss whedon

When it comes to Marvel and DC, we get a lot of fanboys from both camps attacking each other. Now Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon chimes in on what he thinks about the whole Marvel vs. DC debate.

When asked by MTV News about what he thinks about DC and Warner Bros. doing their cinematic universe, he replies with, “I’m a fan.”

“I get very confused when people say we’re in competition,” Whedon said. “Competition for what? Their movies are so different. The way they approach them — the Marvel aesthetic and the DC aesthetic — couldn’t be more opposite. I love that. I love going to their movies. I want to see how they build their team. I want to see Affleck play Batman. Now I just get to sit back and be a fan of both.”

When asked about what character he would like to direct in a movie, Whedon said Batman.

“Nobody doesn’t want Batman. Everybody wants to play with Batman. Come on!”

Do you think Whedon would be a good director for a Batman solo film?

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