Geeky Jerseys announces Galactic Cup Playoffs Contest

Galactic cup playoffs

As most hockey fans are glued to their computer and television sets watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs, there’s another set of playoffs happening in a galaxy far, far away. Amongst all of the earthling playoff hockey, the folks over at Geeky Jerseys have their own playoff contest, and fans will have the chance to win some Star Wars themed hockey sweaters!

By logging on to Facebook and commenting on the appropriate match up photos, one team will be eliminated every two days until the champion is crowned on International Star Wars day (May 4th)! The winning jersey will then be offered on the Geeky Jerseys website for sale!

By liking, commenting, and sharing, Facebookers will also have the chance to win gift certificates and jerseys along the way. One could argue that the Sith Conference would most resemble the NHL’s overall stronger¬† Western conference, while the Jedi division showcases superstars such as Yoda and Obi – Wan Kenobi in the Eastern Conference. There is no word yet on how the divisional matchups will be restructured next year under the leadership of Emperor Bettman.

With convention season right around the corner and playoffs in full swing, now is the time to add a Geeky Jersey to your wardrobe!

You can see a a full list of the jerseys competing in the gallery below!

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