Doctor Who Season 9 details and a change to the show structure


With the hit British sci-fi show Doctor Who coming back for Season 9 in the fall, showrunner and lead writer Steven Moffat, talks about the shift towards more two-part episodes in the new season.

“That 45-and-out rhythm has served us incredibly well for ten years, but there is a slight sense sometimes, about 35 minutes into the episode, you expect the hero music,” Moffat said in an interview with Radio Times at last night’s BAFTA nominations party. “It’s just making you slightly unsure you’ll get through the story by the time the music comes up. We’ve all got to be on our toes, can’t be relaxed.”

For those of you who are, like me, not a fan of the two-part story structure, Moffat offers some comfort saying, “They’re not all two-parters – sometimes they’re just linked episodes.”

The new season will star Peter Capaldi in his second season of the 12th Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara. Although Peter Capaldi is reprising his role, it will not be the same Doctor we saw in Season 8.

“I was looking for the Capaldi moments every episode [in Season 8],” Moffat said. “[I was] saying ‘We need a Capaldi moment, that moment where he’s not Matt Smith, he’s not David Tennant, where he’s a dangerous, unpredictable, volatile character’. So now, having done that, and having blasted our new Doctor at them, we can go other places with him [in Season 9].”

Coleman comments on Season 9 saying, “I couldn’t walk away with the story being unresolved and there’s so much more to do – I think [the Doctor and Clara have] finally just reached a point where they really understand each other!”

Among the rumored guest stars is Alex Kingston, who of course plays River Song, the wife of the Doctor and daughter to former companions Rory and Amy Williams (or The Ponds if you as Eleven).

Before fans get too excited about this rumor, Moffat commented saying, “[The return of River Song will] now be story-driven. If we’ve got an idea that she fits perfectly then there’s no reason why we can’t do it, but I quite liked where we got to at the end of ‘The Name of the Doctor’, with him saying goodbye to her. So we’ll see.”

Season 9 began shooting in January of this year and is slated to return in the fall on BBC.

Are you excited to see where the show is going or do you prefer the days of David Tennant and Matt Smith?

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