X-Men writer Brian Michael Bendis on Iceman being gay


Iceman came out of the closet in All New X-Men #40. It was there that he admits to Jean Grey that he is gay. Purists were upset about the revelation, since they don’t want Marvel tinkering with the character. Now the writer of the comic, Brian Michael Bendis, shares his thoughts on the matter to CBR.

Bendis talked about how Marvel didn’t advertise about a character coming out of the closet:

“Here’s the thing, and some will believe me and some won’t. I think if you really paid attention to the solicits, we mentioned nothing about the subject. We didn’t do a cover asking, “Which X-Men is coming out?” We didn’t do anything like that, because we agreed that it was best to let the story speak for itself.”

He then discussed about how comic stories are ruined. He wanted to keep Bobby’s sexual preference and the Utopians’ identity a secret:

“You and I have talked about how, wouldn’t it be nice if you went to the comic store and not everything was ruined? So on top of what’s going on with Bobby, I didn’t want anyone to know who the Utopians were. I just wanted to let it happen without any sensationalism.”

He then talked about how the community is split on the subject. One side of the group would say that it’s out of character, and the other side would say that they saw the hints:

“Yes! That’s the funniest conversation online. We have some people going, “What on Earth are you talking about? Where did this come from?” Then there are other people who weren’t surprised at all. Already on Tumblr, and I’m not going to repost them until later in the week, people have posted a road map of panels of things that Bobby has done over the last 50 years that prove the point that I thought was obvious, and many others did too.”

Bendis reveals that future issues will dig further into Iceman being gay.

So here’s the headline: This isn’t the final statement on Bobby’s very unique story. And it is not a universal statement on sexual identity, it’s Bobby’s unique one. The other portions have already been written and are being produced as we speak. Before I leave the X-Men on “Uncanny” #600, more layers will be peeled off of this, including what this means for older Bobby. I think we address all the big questions.

What do you think of Iceman being gay?

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