Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review


I was very excited to hear that we were able to get our hands on the Tesoro Lobera Spectrum. Since this is one of the latest mechanical gaming keyboards in our market, I was curious to see how it stacked up to the other gaming keyboards I’ve used in the past. If you’re a gamer, you definitely should have a mechanical keyboard with your gaming rig. Let’s see what Tesoro has brought to the table for us.


  • Full N-Key (NKRO) and 6 Key rollover options
  • Gaming grade mechanical switches with 60 million reliable keystrokes
  • 1000hz Ultra Polling Rate
  • On board USB Ports with microphone and audio connectors
  • 512kB on-board memory for macros
  • Instant Game mode function key
  • Full Spectrum LED back-lighting
  • 16.8 million customizable lighting
  •  Rubberized Anti-slip bottom for intense gaming

The Packaging

Aside from the stylish and glossy outer box, the insides were cleanly set in their spots. It had the keyboard itself along with the setup guide. Nothing special really, but it was neatly packaged and there weren’t any loose items rolling about since the inner box that held the keyboard had the items tucked away underneath.


The Keyboard (Outer)

The physical keyboard itself is fairly imposing if you’re not used to gaming keyboards. It’s a little heavier than a normal keyboard, and feels a bit more sturdier. There are rubber grips underneath the keyboard so that it doesn’t slip around on your desk. If you’re an animated type of gamer with a lot of motion, then you’ll be glad to know that the grips work really well in keeping the keyboard in place. It’s also built with a braided connection cord so that it doesn’t tangle and decreases the chances of something rupturing it; it’s pretty tough.


Built into the top of the keyboard are two USB ports, microphone, and headset connectors. These are self explanatory, however the one issue that I have about the USB ports is that you can’t charge your phone or items on there. The USB port itself only has a maximum current capacity of 100mA which isn’t strong enough to utilize it as a charging port for devices. In fact there’s a warning label there after you take it out of the box telling you to not use it as a charger.

The Keyboard (Use and Software)

I’m have to say that I really really love typing on this keyboard. I actually brought it to work to test it out for a couple days and I seriously wasn’t missing my generic work keyboard. Since it was made to have a fast 1000hz polling rate, each key that I pressed was caught by it. The downside to that was that I noticed I press a lot of keys accidentally that’s not picked up by my generic keyboard, but this is a good thing! Also each press and depress of the mechanical keys felt really good on the fingertips.

Usage while gaming is precise since it allows you to switch between N-Key Rollover (NKRO) and USB 6 Key Rollover. Because of this, it avoids ghosting and jamming issues that occur on other mechanical gaming keyboards. You can setup profiles in the Lobera software that will allow you to switch to on-the-fly so that it utilizes specified keys for your games. This helps to avoid accidental presses on the keyboard such as the “Windows Key” which I’ve pressed before during one of my intense competitive first-person-shooter games.

Lobera Software

The software itself, as seen in the above picture, is fairly simple and basic. This is where you can setup your different profiles for your keyboard. As I said earlier, you can setup your profiles to be able to access only specific keys, and you can also setup the keyboard to utilize the wide spectrum of colors built into the keyboard. With a single press you can make whatever colors radiate from your under the keyboard, or if you want you can have the colors coalesce and wave across the keys in a rainbow like array. It’s pretty gorgeous to look at while the lights are off. Unfortunately the only downfall to this lighting is that it’s really really bright at night. It basically became an unintentional nightlight for me since there’s no real way to turn it off unless you unplug the keyboard, or set one of the profiles to have the color black as the background array.


The last thing that’s pretty cool about this keyboard is that you can program macros into it and it will be saved into the keyboard itself. There is 512kb storage space inside so that once you save your macros in there, you can unhook and take the keyboard with you to other places without having to reprogram it. It’s quite useful if you’re in a tournament and have to use another PC that’s not your own and you aren’t comfortable with the keyboard. Just by plugging it in and a quick press, you can utilize your own gaming or multimedia setup on the keyboard instantly.

Final Reaction

If you’re a big time gamer and are in need of a great RGB Mechanical Keyboard, I would highly recommend this product. Other than the unintentional nightlight, the simple software, and non-charging USB ports, it actually has more pluses than negatives stacked on it. As a gamer, just the response of the keystrokes amazes me. It does come at a price tag of $169.99; however, if you check at NewEgg or Amazon, it should be marked down to $149.99. I’m enjoying this keyboard right now and I personally won’t be getting a new gaming keyboard anytime soon and will be using this for quite some time. For more information about this keyboard or Tesoro’s other keyboards, you can head to their website at Tesoro.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

4 Atoms



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