X-Men’s Iceman will be ‘gay’ in the comics


Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, will be coming out of the closet. It’s revealed that he’s gay in the All-New X-Men #40, which comes out Wednesday, April 22nd. The comic panels were leaked via 4chan.

In the comics, the classic X-Men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast and Angel) time traveled to present day to fight evil with the new X-Men.

In the leaked panels, Jean Grey confronts Iceman when he made a comment about Magik, a female mutant professor, being hot. She questions him why he said that, when she knows that he’s gay. Bobby quickly rejects that notion, and she mentions to him that she can read his thoughts.

What about the older Iceman? Well, young Bobby says that he’s straight. He also asked Jean if Angel was guy, and she replies, “No.”

Check out the leaked panels below:

Via Gay Star News

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