Destiny: House of Wolves gets a new trailer and live stream


On Wednesday, April 22, at 11 a.m. PST, join Bungie and special community guest Gothalion on Twitch for a tour of the The Reef.

If you’ve kept up with the upcoming news, The Reef is what’s hailed as Destiny’s new social space similar to the current Tower. This area will have new bounties, faction rewards, and a few other changes that fans have asked for in the past. Some will be new faces, and some we hoped to see more of.

While we’ll all miss the Tower in one way or another, The Reef looks like a great and much needed, change of scenery as we run around and curse out the Cryptarch for more useless rolls.


With Destiny’s latest update adding much needed bank space among new Crucible bounties, we see the ongoing struggle as Bungie shapes the game into what was originally promised to the community. The teaser trailer below shows just a few of the upcoming changes to the Destiny universe, and we hope to see more soon.

It’s still difficult to make any sort of real prediction as to what we will see with the expansions, as expectations have been way too high in the past. We’ll be sure to tune into the live stream and report back as to what these changes will really mean.

While the excitement of upgrading old raid gear is running amok, remember how tedious it may become. We’re hoping for some good content here, Guardians, as this may be the breaking point for most if this expansion doesn’t end up delivering.

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