Star Wars The Force Trainer II: Hologram and 20Q Jedi Holocron


Star Wars Celebration is upon us, and for those of us lucky enough to be in Anaheim, we get to see all the new gadgets, fashion, and toys that are premiering this year. One such product is the 20Q Artificial Intelligence cube from Uncle Milton under their Star Wars Science line. It’s a toy that, with your help, becomes smarter as you try to stump it on a variety of topics. How, you may ask? It’s alive!

Okay maybe it’s not alive, but through playing the online game, you can feed cubes around the world with your Star Wars knowledge. The more it’s played, the smarter it gets. Pretty cool, right?

To get started, you can visit and start playing. You’ll have to think of a being, location, or technology based on the Star Wars movies and animated series, and it will try to figure out what you’re thinking.

Challenge accepted!

The Star Wars Science Jedi Holocron will be available on store shelves Fall 2015.

Uncle Milton has other Star Wars items, like the Force Trainer II. You’ll be able to lift the X-wing, battle Darth Vader, or build your own lightsaber with your mind. This is possible thanks to hologram images and a wireless headset featuring brainwave sensors that’s able to read and interpret your concentration level. The hologram images and Jedi Challenges come courtesy of an app that’s included in the product. This will be available in fall of 2015 for $119.99.

So if you are feeling guilty with all the mindless toys out there, feel secure in these new and improved science classics. Upgraded with the force, and get ready for some empire size fun.

For a full list of products and where to find them head over to

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