Michelle MacLaren left Wonder Woman because WB didn’t have faith


It was reported that Michelle MacLaren (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad) left Warner Bros. and the Wonder Woman project due to creative differences. In just a few days, the company quickly found a replacement with Patty Jenkins, who was originally supposed to direct Thor: The Dark World but left due to creative differences with Marvel.

According to Variety, MacLaren’s and Warner Bros’ vision were way different. The director wanted an epic origin story, similar to Braveheart. WB wanted a more character-driven story with less action.

One of the insiders said that Warner Bros. was concerned about MacLaren doing a “large scale, action-packed production,” since her experience was only in the TV realm. However, she did shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, and these series have raised the bar on what TV shows can do.

MacLaren was also not familiar with the movie making process, with one source saying the pre-production process was “tortuous.” Warner Bros. hired many scriptwriters for different versions, and “they didn’t like MacLaren’s test,” said a studio executive.

Now with Jenkins, the studio can now go back to the movie being a character-driven piece.

I would have loved to see a big epic piece with Wonder Woman and her Amazons going up against Ares and his minions.

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