Sesame Street movie in development


The Big Bird to hit the Big Screen? After earning 159 Emmy Awards, more than any other televisions show, the characters from the Street are coming to a theater near you. The Tracking Board reported earlier this week that Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to a feature film version of Sesame Street from 20th Century Fox.

Shawn Levy, best known for his work in the Night at the Museum movie, will be the director. Despite having The Hardy Men (A Hardy Boys detective movie) and Tinker Bell projects in the pipeline at the moment.

Apparently, Warners brought a fresh direction to the pitch and the idea is currently out to the writers, but a number of the film’s previous producers from Fox are remaining on board, which seems to be the best bet for at least at this stage in the game. With a script not yet completed, there’s no firm release date yet and Sesame Street will likely be a ways out.

Sources say the movie will be set in New York City and will follow the adventure genre, following the tone set for the 2011 Muppets movie.

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