Arrow Recap: ‘Broken Arrow’ and cast member leaving

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Last night’s episode of Arrow was a freaking emotional rollercoaster for fans. The episode had its typical comedic relief moments, but the last half of the episode gave fans a tremendous amount of the feels. Especially with one of the, arguably, best characters leaving.

The episode, “Broken Arrow”, showed Roy Harper taking Oliver’s place in custody as the Arrow, forcing Oliver to then lay low as Detective Lance continues to try to prove that Oliver is, in fact, Arrow. Sound familiar, anyone? While in Iron Heights, Roy gets attacked twice and ends up being stabbed. Later we find out that he, Felicity and John had put a plan in place and faked his death so everyone would believe that the Arrow is now dead, therefore clearing Oliver’s name. Of course this means that Roy can no longer be in Starling City. Which means that Colton Haynes, who plays Roy, must leave the show.

Executive producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim confirmed in an interview with Buzzfeed that Roy, and therefore Colton Haynes, has officially exited the show. They also confirmed that Roy, from the beginning, was always a temporary character so that Colton could be free to take on other projects. “He was such a wonderful element as a character and a person,” Berlanti told Buzzfeed. “It was super sad, but everybody kinda looked at each other and realized that he’s at the start of what I’m sure will be an incredibly, incredibly impressive career.”

Roy was always one of my favorite characters. He had the skill and the dedication that Oliver has, but without so much of the darkness. He was still able to have fun, joke around, and even have a relationship. He seemed to be a character that brought some of the comedic relief at times and one that the viewers could find more relatable. I am sure that he will be greatly missed by most Arrow fans.

So at this point in the episode fans are both relieved that Roy is not dead, yet upset that he is leaving. Just when we were thinking that we could at least breathe normally, another drop on the rollercoaster of feelings hit. In an attempt to defend herself from a breaking and entering from Ra’s al Ghul, Thea gets stabbed in the chest, Oliver style, thus ending the episode. Fans are left to wait a week to find out what the fate of Thea is. Will she die or will she be saved somehow by the same herbs that saved Oliver. With the end of the season fastly approaching, we can definitely expect that the rollercoaster is not over yet.

What do you think of Roy leaving? What are your estimates on if/how Thea will live?

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