Zachary Levi & Nerd Marchine to produce Syfy game show ‘Geeks Who Drink’


Syfy has officially announced today that Zachary Levi will be the host and executive producer of the game show Geeks Who Drink. With the help of his company, The Nerd Machine, it will be based off a popular game with the same name that takes place across 600 bars and 35 states, which will premiere on Syfy July 16, 2015.

There will be a celebrity guest in each episode, acting as a team captain for each of the 2 teams and 2 trivia pros. How will this affect Zachary Levi’s famous NerdHQ which takes place at the same time of San Diego Comic-Con, which is just a 3 minute walk from the convention? Well in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Zachary Levi did say they will definitely promote it one way or another. EW also asked how the show came together. Levi responded with:

Geeks Who Drink was kind of the pre-eminent pub trivia circuit. There’s a lot of pub trivia one-offs in different cities and states, but Geeks Who Drink was the most well-known franchise, and they had the most organization—centralized quizmasters and quizzes and whatnot. Wired did a piece on them a little while back, and Conde Nast was so intrigued that they wanted to make a television show about it. They brought that to Kinetic [Content, a production company], and Kinetic brought that to me and The Nerd Machine. We made this really great pilot presentation, and Syfy loved it.

But we still needed to the appropriate host. The powers that be said: ‘We really think you’re that guy.’ I’ve always had an interest in hosting stuff. I think it can be a lot of fun. Since this was already my baby anyway, I thought, ‘Why not. I’ll do my best Trebek, and have a beer or two.’ We want to keep the heart of Geeks Who Drink—the pub circuit—very pure. But we’re also trying to translate that to television, and trying to find ways to do that that are very organic.”

Look for more information and details in the coming weeks.

Sources: The Nerd Machine & Entertainment Weekly

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