New Spider-Man will have more wit than previous movie versions


Spider-Man is known for having witty dialogue with his enemies and friends. We’ve seen a glimpse of this in both Sami Raimi and Marc Webb’s films. Now Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige says that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will embrace his wit. During an interview with IGN, he said that Spider-Man will be like a reincarnation similar to how Batman was when Christopher Nolan rebooted the franchise.

“It’s a testament to his character that there have been five movies made already over the last, however long it’s been, 13 years, and yet, there’s so many things that are integral to his character in the comics that haven’t been explored yet. That’s what most exciting.”

Here he compares it to Batman’s reboot:

“Batman was the same way; there had been four Batman movies, and then Batman Begins was able to do something unique and tap into something that hadn’t been seen before in the movies. It’s a similar thing, obviously tonally completely different from Batman, but we’re very excited about any number of things about Spidey and his standalone adventures.”

Feige goes on to talk about the type of personality we’ll get to see:

“When he puts that mask on, in the comics, he has a non-stop wit that is almost as troubling to the bad guys he fights as his webs and agility. We feel we haven’t really seen that yet.”

Yeah, we’ve seen Spider-Man being witty in the previous films, but it wasn’t enough. Marvel Studios is doing the smart thing by ditching another origin story. We’ll get to see Spider-Man do what he does best, and how the young high school student will contrast against the older Avengers members.

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