Fans gather for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers action vinyl launch event in LA

IMG_2992On Thursday April 9th, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans gathered at Alternate Universe in Los Angeles, California, for the launch of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers action vinyls from The Loyal Subjects


Fans from all over the LA county gathered not only to purchase the not-yet-released toys, but also to meet with fellow Power Rangers fans new and old. They had a fun time chatting about their favorite moments, nerding out over their favorite Rangers, and most of all have a good time. Some even cosplayed as their favorite ranger from the different Power Ranger series.

So what exactly are the action vinyls? Based of the original series, each blind box is a 3″ collectible figure that features different heroes and villains from the MMPR series including: Goldar, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, along with the Red, Black, Green, Yellow, Pink and White rangers. There are a few secret versions to obtain in the set, and the coolest part of the Ranger figures is that they come equipped with their respective helmets, which can be attached or removed.

IMG_2983The man behind the design of the MMPR action vinyl, Joe Allard, was also on hand to autograph boxes or whatever fans wanted. It was a small but fun event just showed how big the Power Rangers community can be and proves even 22 years later that it is still strong.


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