The Boy and The Beast voice casting and 2 new trailers

boy and beast

From the director of Summer Wars and Wolf Children, Mamoru Hosoda, comes a new movie called The Boy and The Beast. The story is about a boy, Kyuta, and an anthropomorphic bear, Kumatetsu, traveling to Shibutengai where it is populated by things similar to Kumatetsu.

Voice casting has been selected for the main characters. There will be two people voicing Kyuta; Aoi Miyazaki, who voiced Hana in Wolf Children, will be younger Kyuta. Shota Sometani, who voiced Professor Tanabe in Wolf Children, will be older Kyuta. Kumatetsu will be voiced by Koji Yakusho, who has rarely done voice work but has appeared in several samurai shows, as well as the movie 13 Assassins.

In the first trailer we see Kyuta and Kumatetsu meet for the first time. We also see the other creatures like Kumatetsu in their own environment.

And here’s a 33 second preview/trailer.

The Boy and The Beast is set to release in Japanese theaters on July 11th. No word on Western release.

Source: RocketNews24

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