Different games for anime

j_stars_victory_vs_characters_so_far_by_supersaiyancrash-d6zakzeNaruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is soon to be released, and this will be included in the long line of anime games that seem to be stuck in one genre of gaming – fighting. I’m not saying all anime games are fighting ones, but it seems that way. Maybe, it’s the easiest genre to create with an anime license, or maybe, that’s what the hardcore fans want. I’m not sure, but I, for one, would love to see some of my favorite animes in totally different genres of gaming. Here are two animes that I would love to see take some different approach in gaming.

Lets start with Naruto. In my opinion, Naruto seems to fit all too perfectly for an MMO. Ever since the main storyline has wrapped up with a proper conclusion, I feel like that has opened a crazy amount of storylines any good game writer could come up with. Plus the world just lends itself to the MMO genre. Think about it: creating your own character, a bunch of different classes, ranked missions, leveling up from Genin to Kage – just living in that world would be amazing. You have the possibility for multiple factions withing the world and major conflicts. With the creator of Naruto giving a little more detail into the world that’s already fleshed out, Naruto could be an MMO that could rival WoW.


Bleach is another easy game to imagine. I can see Bleach as a straight-up MOBA, League of Legends style. There are plenty of champions within the series to choose from and they all have different abilities. Why not pit them in a good old fashion three-lane match and see which team wins. With Bankai as ultimates, the anime fans would freak out every time they used it. With MOBAs being as big as they are, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more licensed versions. I think Bleach is perfect for it.


Those are just two of the my favorite animes that I would love for a developer to try to do something different with it. I’m pretty sure there are a multitude of reasons that these ideas won’t come to fruition, but a guy can dream can’t he? What are some of you favorite anime that you would want to see in a new gaming light?

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