Power Rangers movie looking to grab Project Almanac director


Power Rangers will be made into a summer blockbuster come 2016. And while we’re all hoping to have cameo appearances from the original rangers and some nods here and there, the most important factor for any film is the director. It appears Saban and Lionsgate are currently deciding who will wield the cinematic Sentai Power.

Sources from The Wrap have discovered that Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) has been courted for negotiations to direct Power Rangers. Here’s an excerpt:

Israelite is an up-and-coming filmmaker who is a huge fan of the franchise and aims to bring a fresh voice to the property. He has been courted for several tentpoles around Hollywood since but he has turned them all down while waiting for the right one.

With the time travel-themed “Project Almanac,” Israelite proved he can get strong results out of a young ensemble and a limited budget for an original sci-fi movie.


The film was announced back in September and has garnered much attention from all over Hollywood. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was a global phenomenon back in the early ’90s. It spawned 2 theatrical releases and still produces seasons to this day, including the all new Power Rangers Dino-Charge.

While we all want to see Jason David Frank return in some form as well as other well known Rangers, a movie is only as good as its director. I personally have not seen Project Almanac, but I’m told it’s pretty good. I would assume so, since Israelite is in talks to direct this potential lucrative franchise.

Let’s just hope Rita doesn’t let loose some evil Hollywood monster to ruin it. I can already tell you Saban is a family-friendly company, and we more than likely won’t be getting this really awesome type of film. Still, it doesn’t have to be crazy-gritty to be good. Right, Marvel?

Power Rangers teleports to cinemas in the summer of 2016.

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