Better look at upcoming Mega Man X figure from TruForce Collectibles

cc2d7ef47Last year, Capcom released the above image as an April fool’s joke that left fans thinking a new Mega Man X was coming. Well a few months later it was announced that the image drawn by¬†Keisuke Mizuno (Maverick Hunter X) would be releasing in the form of a figure by a new company known as TruForce Collectibles.


Truforce would launch a Kickstarter in January which ended up raising $290,000 by the end, surpassing their $200,000 goal. Fans will be seeing the figures release later this summer.

If you’ve followed the TruForce Facebook page, they have shown off the colored prototype, which looks amazing, but an even better surprise was seeing it in person at WonderCon 2015 at the Bluefin Distribution booth.

I had a chance to chat with Bluefin brand manager Jarred Kasan, who gave us a few moments to talk about the figure.

So what’s next for fans from TruForce? The Ride Chaser will be one of the next coming items to add a new dynamic look for X, and maybe even a brand new look for Zero?


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