Square Enix and Team Ninja join forces


Square Enix has recruited the highly talented team over at Team Ninja to help with the development on the new Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade game that is releasing in Japan later this year. This could be good news to fans, depending on how the game is changed by this team up.

Team Ninja is most known for its development of its fast-paced and flashy action franchise Ninja Gaiden, and also for its expertise in the fighting world with Dead or Alive.

I think that this team up is going to make Dissidia better for two reasons.

The first is that Dead or Alive is a fighter that I feel is all about predicting your opponent and counter play. Yes, that is most fighting games, but Dead or Alive is the one fighter that focuses on it with each character having multiple counter moves changed by directional input. This plays well into Dissidia’s style because if it’s anything like its predecessors on the PSP, then you need to observe your opponent and counter attack in the small windows of opportunity that open up.

My second reason is the flashiness of combat. Both Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive are very flashy with their action and combo, and for a full scale clash of all our favorite heroes of legend, this is a must have quality when it comes to Final Fantasy and their over-the-top combos, spells and summons. (Anyone else here remember Knights of the Round?)

Apparently the game is also being developed utilizing PS4 hardware instead of the traditional Arcade hardware, which gives us hope in the West that we may see it translated and brought over. If nothing else, let’s hope there’s a home console release in Japan, since there is always the import option for the hardcore fans.

Here is an example of the controls for the game:

Is this be just a passing fad of capitalizing on the current popularity of the fighter market, or could we see other types of spin-offs like Final Fantasy Racer or maybe Final Fantasy NFL?

With multiple hit RPG franchises such as Final Fantasy, Persona, and even Pokemon producing popular spin-offs in the form of fighting games, what other franchises would you like to see make the jump to fighting or another genre?

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