WonderCon 2015: Orphan Black, darker and deeper with Clone Club

Orphan Black

With the third season premiering in less than two weeks, BBC America’s Orphan Black had to make an appearance to this year’s WonderCon. Co-creator Graeme Manson and cast members Jordan Gavaris (Felix), Dylan Bruce (Paul), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Mrs. S), Kristian Bruun (Donnie), and Evelyne Brochu (Delphine) made an appearance during their panel and the press room roundtables. Everyone wanted to know what was going to happen this season. Although they couldn’t say much, the cast described this season as dark, dangerous, and violent.

Bruce hinted at the season, “I think this season is very violent. Not excessively, but all violence that is necessary for the story. Necessary roughness. It’s a violent season; it’s shocking for some of us. Truly, truly shocking.”

Bruun mentioned, “The stakes are higher and it’s about family. Every level [in] the show is about family.”

Bruce added, “The Castor boys are also so dangerous. The military side of things is pretty wild. That’s where I am. That’s where the darkness really comes in.”

With the addition of Project Castor (all clones played by Ari Millen) to the story, we know the ladies of Project Leda (Tatiana Maslany) are in for a real battle. Bruun filled us in regarding the clone war:

“I can tell you this season is the most action packed one for sure. This season we are so shocked-full of characters – we have Project Leda [and] Project Castor. A war is really is brewing. We have so many characters – auxiliary characters, so many clones, – we explore everybody.”

Sarah will be meeting Scarface in the first episode. Manson explains, “We wanted to started off with a bang and introduce Ari’s first character/s and throw a number of our characters into really, really tough situations. Sarah is in a situation that she would never have expected to have to pull off.”

Last season, we were also left with Mrs. S telling Paul where to find Helena, in order to save Sarah and Kira. Of course, Sarah will react to the betrayal. When asked about Mrs. S’s relationship with Sarah and Felix after the second season, Kennedy revealed, “I felt that I had to do something to save her and Kira, and this was my bargaining tool. And even though it was another person, it was somebody I didn’t care about as much and I needed to buy them some safety. I think also at the time that I knew I was putting Felix in the middle of it. He would understand why I did it.”

Gavaris added, “The relationship deepens. I don’t know if better or worst. It’s an entirely new shape we haven’t seen yet. The complexity of the world has grown beyond any singular management – Sarah can’t handle what’s happening with Leda, Castor, and Dyad. She can’t handle that on her own. I think there is more reliance on each other. No one is taking care of everyone. Everyone is sort of taking care of each other. That was so great. So great to explore. To have scenes where there has been growth in Felix and S. She’s seen her kids not as children anymore but as autonomous adults.”

As for new characters this season, Kennedy mentioned, “I can tell you that you will learn more about Mr. S in season 3. Some more parts of how they got to where they are. Some more parts of the backstory are explained and looked at. I think it’s interesting.”

Since we were learning about the backstory of Mrs. S, what about Donnie and Alison? Bruun shared, “We are going to see that in the comic books. We are going to be exploring that in issue 3 of the Orphan Black comic books. We are going to see Donnie and Alison [on] how they meet and scenes from college, from what I’ve been told. I haven’t actually read it yet. I can’t wait to. So we’ll explore that in that mode. What you’ll see now is probably what their relationship was like right before they got married. When everything was on point before they started fighting. In season one, we saw a bickering couple who were not connecting at all. In season two, they find that at the end. This season, we will see them in a second honeymoon mode and they are working as a team. Team Hendrix is a force to be reckoned within the suburbs.” #TeamHendrix

As for our other favorite couple, we left Cosima with a broken heart made by Delphine. Delphine made a promise to love Cosima and her sisters equally, but sacrifices had to be made. Her sacrifice was letting go of Cosima. We are going to see a lot of raw emotion from Delphine’s decision. Brochu talked about her character and the struggles she will be going through this season, “I think the fun thing about Delphine this season is, her motivation have to be hidden. She has a plan. She made a promise. She’s going to do a lot of power plays that you won’t necessarily understand. There is one moment when Cosima leaves, and when you’re alone is when you’re most truthful as a human being. I don’t think she’s happy having to make that radical move and I think she needs to make it. I think it’s interesting how that’s going to all unfold. Why does she have to make that move? What’s happening? Who is pulling the strings? Whose strings does she have to pull making these radical moves? It’s going to be a very heartbreaking season. Sometimes when you want something, you need to give something up for the good of what you’re going for.”

Paul is going to also have an intense season, now being back in the military. Bruce commented, “He’s in his element. He’s definitely more comfortable being himself. He kicks some serious butt this year. He gets to show his true colors. He doesn’t play double agent anymore.”

Manson adds, “He’s a guy who’s even more than a double agent. Where does his heart lie? We really look at it. It’s a nice journey with Paul to discover where his heart lies.” We will see Paul interacting a lot with Helena this year. When asked if we were going to have Sarah and Paul interacting this season, Bruce shared, “I do have some dialogue with Sarah.”

When asked about the giant clone scene in the season finale, Manson commented, “When we get to the finale, there’s no way to keep John out of doing some giant clone scene. I can’t give it away, but we do a great big clone scene for the finale. I’ve seen a clip of it and it’s awesome.”

Orphan Black’s third season returns on April 18, 2015, on BBC America.

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