Sesame Street parodies Game of Thrones with ‘Game of Chairs’


Known for their parodies of serious shows like House of Cards and Lord of the Rings, Sesame Street has finally parodied HBO’s Game of Thrones to teach kids about musical chairs and counting.

We have Ned Stark’s Sesame Street counterpart explaining the game rules. We see different types of Iron Thrones – copper, silver, and gold – made of sports equipment. Grover BlueJoy comes and assist Ned in helping with the Game of Chairs. He clumsily plays the music for the game, and eventually, falls over to claim the throne for himself. In the end, Grover BlueJoy is chosen as King and everyone leaves angry.


Do you recognize who each muppet is supposed to represent? I loved the cameos and the wordplay that Sesame adds for Game of Thrones fans. Robb Stark wants to hurry this game up because he has to attend a wedding. Joffrey choked when playing the game. Cersei’s muppet is going to tell her brother what is going on. And, telling Ned muppet not to lose his head over this game. Hilarious.


Check it out below:


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