Smite Down: Data Mining

Ah Puch_poseThe good old boys at HiRez usually play their cards close the chest, but the people of the internet are a crafty bunch. Through some long hours of data mining in Smite, the people of the web have unveiled what looks to be the next new god.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but it looks like next in line to enter the battlefield will be Au Puch, the Mayan god of death (as if we don’t have enough gods of death in the game). No word on what role he will play in the game, but I’m leaning towards mage from the small screenshots that have leaked on the web. All we can do is speculate right now until HiRez decides to hit us with all the details. I, for one, am excited with the possibility of more characters are coming.

What do you think about Ah Puch? Are there any gods that HiRez are overlooking and need to be in the game?

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